Serigi Engineering Srl is part of Consorzio Nord Est Engineering, which operates in the field of naval design and engineering, and the Uniplantex, Enterprise Network, active in the industrial, energy and environmental engineering fields.


Consorzio Nord Est Engineering


Serigi Engineering Srl is associated with Consorzio Nord Est Engineering which has been a founding partner.

The Consortium, founded in 1997, today counts on four engineering companies with expertise in various different specialties, and provides a full range of design and development services in naval and offshore construction, from basic design to executive documentation:

  • Serigi Engineering Srl: structural coordination plans and hull detail engineering
  • Meccano Engineering Srl (Trieste): basic naval design and functional design
  • STS Ship Technical Services Srl (Venice): functional and detail engineering of ship and engine rooms systems
  • Technoship Srl (Venice): Functional and detail engineering of the ship systems and outfitting

The Consortium has the expertise and capabilities to develop the ship's design from basic to the detail engineering for all the various specialties (basic, structural, systems, P & I, shipbuilding, housing, electrical, HVAC). It can count on a permanent staff of over 140 engineers, designers and specialists.

The consortium works for shipyards, ship owning companies, plant, offshore, oil, and gas.



Serigi Engineering Srl is associated with Uniplantex, a network of companies operating in the field of industrial plant engineering with long experience, integrating complementary technological and disciplinary fields.
Founded on the principle of Teamwork and Integration, Uniplantex proposes its role as only partner, offering customers a range of industrial services for the optimal management of all phases of a plant's life. It ranges from the feasibility study to the preliminary project and to the executive one, from managing permissions to drafting material purchase specifications, to the management of the plant or part of it.

Team partnership: